Is Kisscartoon Down? Top 30 Alternatives to Kisscartoon

Douglas White
| Updated on August 24, 2022

Have you heard of Kisscartoon? No? Don’t worry, after reading the article, you will be jumping over to the website to get your hands on some amazing content!

Cartoons have been an escape gate from reality for almost everyone. No matter how much you have aged, an episode of your favorite cartoon can change the whole mood of the day. Further, while there are many cartoons of our childhood that don’t make sense now, like Dora the Explorer, there are nowadays, animation series that have great storylines, plots, and characters, along with impeccable animations. Yes, anime! Wide awareness of anime across the world has taken the viewing experience to the next level.

However, there are many cartoon and anime shows and movies that are not aired on TV channels, most of which are very popular. So, where to watch them? Well, here is when Kisscartoon came into the picture.

Many cartoon and anime shows and movies are present on different streaming platforms, and obviously, you can’t get a subscription for them all! Kisscartoon website provides you access to many shows and movies from various platforms, for which, you need not even spend a penny.

The following write-up will let you know more about Kisscartoon and provide you with links where you can access it. However, it might be possible that some people may not be able to access the website due to several restrictions on it. Nevertheless, listed further in this article are many more alternatives to Kisscartoon, that will surely meet your expectations and provide you with free cartoon and anime movies and shows.

So, let’s get going!

Introduction to KissCartoon

If you are an anime or cartoon fanatic, you must have heard about KissCartoon. It is one of the most popular websites that provide various cartoons and anime movies and series for free.

Besides the availability of free content, the extensive collection of web series and shows of anime and cartoons from various categories is one major reason for the popularity of KissCartoon. Furthermore, the platform is regularly updated with new content that includes both old classics and new releases.

Kiss cartoon has a very easy-to-navigate and user-friendly interface, which makes it easier for the users to get their hands on their favorite cartoon and anime shows and movies without putting much effort into searching. Additionally, the content is organized in such a way that you can binge-watch any web series or TV show. 

Kisscartoon’s website is easily accessible on any device. Though nowadays, there are a number of domains that look similar, which might compel you to wonder, which is the original one and which one you should visit. Nevertheless, these are mirror and proxy sites of the Kiss cartoon. You can visit any of them, as they all offer more or less similar content. Listed below are some of the links that will take you to the Kisscartoon website:

Why is Kisscartoon the Top Choice for Anime Lovers?

The above stated was just an intro to Kisscartoon, and you must be already thinking how amazing this website must be! Yet, this was just an intro, the list of features that makes Kisscartoon the first choice to watch anime and cartoons is listed below:

  • Easy Accessibility: The first and most important thing, that makes the website the hub for millions of anime and cartoon lovers, is the easy availability of the website. If you have a good VPN and internet connection, you can access the website from anywhere in the world and on any device.
  • Extensive Content Library: You may come across a number of websites where you couldn’t find the content you’re looking for! However, it’s not the case with Kisscartoon. The website houses almost never-ending cartoons and anime TV shows, web series, and movies. You are most likely to find any content you want here.
  • High-Quality Content: What’s the point in having the content you wanted, if it’s not of the best quality? Nevertheless, Kisscartoon eliminates this drawback as well. Most of the media available on this website are available in HD quality while preserving the option to download or watch videos in other qualities as well.
  • A Number of Genres: On the Kiss cartoon website you will find a wide range of genres from which you can easily pick up your favorite one, and browse the content provided within.
  • Inbuilt Media Player: The website has a built-in media player, allowing you to watch any of your favorite content then and there, without the necessity to download them.

Why does Kisscartoon Shut Down? Is it Safe to Use?

KissCartoon is not authorized. The animated movies and shows hosted on this platform are pirated. The content that is hosted on this website and the other similar websites run by the same organization are not authorized to disseminate it.

Depending on where the servers are situated and the location of the firm, some websites are periodically forced to go down, due to copyright issues. For the same reason, you may browse a website today that’s gone the next day.

However, to remain functional and continue providing its users with the content, they instantly utilize a cloned version to keep the site up on a new server and with a different domain name when these shutdowns happen.

This further increases the risk of malware, as there are numerous bogus KissCartoon websites. These sites are exact replicas of the original site, but instead of providing you with free cartoon and anime content, they can transfer viruses to your system.

The fraudulent websites frequently use the same domain name and several domain suffixes. You could see a number of similar-looking domain names, inplace of the original one. Therefore, this website is not entirely safe to use.

Alternatives of Kisscartoon

So now that you know the reason why you are not able to access Kisscartoon and it is not entirely safe to visit any other Kiss Cartoon mirror website, you must be wondering ‘What to do now?’ Well, don’t worry, because there are a number of alternatives to Kisscartoon that provide high-quality content and that too for free. Some of the most popular ones are jotted down below:

1. Anime Toon

The Anime Toon is a website very much similar to KissCartoon where you can view all the episodes of your favorite childhood cartoon and anime shows. In addition to these, the website offers a dedicated section for dubbed anime shows and movies. Since the platform offers visitors a huge selection of anime as well as a ton of fantastic movies, many people consider it to be among the greatest substitutes for kiss cartoons.


Furthermore, the website offers interesting content that appeals to practically every age group. For people who wish to view anime in HD resolution, this website is the greatest option. The website provides you with a top-notch video viewing experience for all of your favorite programs, which is yet another reason why Anime Toon is the best alternative to Kiss cartoon.

Additionally, the website has an inbuilt media player, which means, the users can watch their favorite anime online without the necessity to download them. Also, Anime Toon is easily accessible through any device.

2. CrunchyRoll

One of the best websites among all the KissCartoon alternatives is Crunchyroll. The users of the website CrunchyRoll have a ton of movies and show options available to them. This website provides a big library of animated films in HD. Many individuals adore this online platform due to its extensive library of anime films from different genres. On top of everything else, it offers a fantastic user interface that aids the users in browsing the collection.


This website is a need because it serves as a one-stop solution for all of your favorite animes. A user-friendly layout and the feature of streaming videos of excellent quality are two other features that make this website the ultimate choice for cartoon lovers. 

All the shows are available for free viewing. If you happen to be a lover of manga, this website includes a whole area devoted to the adored Japanese comics. This website is perfect for your fetish for manga, anime, and cartoons.

3. Cartoon Extra

This website offers a list of all the cartoons you have ever heard of and is the ideal spot to visit if you enjoy anime and cartoons. With more than enough content, including all the childhood shows like Sponge Bob Square Pants, Dora: The Explorer, Loony Toons, and many more, this website is a children’s heaven. Along with it, several anime shows and movies are also readily available.

The interface of this alternative to Kisscartoon is simple but effective. You will see right away that the website is well maintained with the frequent addition of new content, and the user experience is pleasant.


You may probably get the live link for several movies and shows on this platform if the link on Kisscartoon is down. The platform now offers a wide variety of content for viewers, including children. It offers streaming links for movies, comic books, and cartoons in addition to anime.

Therefore, you may get cartoons in whatever genre you enjoy right here. The website also includes some of the greatest and oldest cartoons.

4. Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon offers you a ton of free streaming content. Additionally, Nickelodeon offers high-quality films, and amazingly, its database is always up-to-date, since new movies and shows are regularly uploaded on it. So those who think it’s a terrific platform, t it won’t be a letdown.

If that’s not enough to convince you to visit this website, another fantastic feature is that, unlike numerous other websites, it rarely changes its domain. This means that it remains functional most of the time, and you don’t have to dig deep in the internet to get to it.


In summary, you may stream your favorite family-friendly, action, thriller, fantasy, and many other types of shows on this single platform in high-quality and that too for free.

5. Anime Planet

Along with its amazing anime collection, AnimePlanet also offers you an exemplary selection of Manga, from various genres, which makes it unique from other alternatives of Kisscartoon. 

The website offers a vast library of anime films that can be viewed online, including nearly every new release. The user interface is very user-friendly and straightforward. You can even view your preferred show without signing up, and putting in much effort to search it.


Above all, the fact that Anime Planet contains top-notch videos and an updated database makes it the ideal substitute for KissCartoon. Therefore, if you visit the site, it won’t disappoint you.

6. Kiss Anime

Are you a devoted fan of anime? Then KissAnime needs to be on your list of places to go and watch anime for free. A well-equipped website that provides you with rich content, such as Weathering With You, Spirited Away, the well-known Naruto series, and many more, to ensure that your journey with the platform is enjoyable.

This website is a well-known anime resource where you can find a huge collection of HD videos. The nicest thing about this website is that you can just visit it and play the movie of your choosing without having to register and pay a penny.


Its ease of use graphical user interface and fast loading speed make the platform all the more usable and another best substitute for Kisscartoon. Furthermore, the websites provide downloadable dubs and subtitles for their content. The list of its features will go on, but you need to visit the website by yourself to understand it more and get some outstanding anime stuff.

7. AniWatch

The next choice among KissCartoon’s options is AniWatch. Here you will find a huge collection of anime episodes from almost all the popular anime shows, that are available for free online viewing. 

AniWatch ensures to put an end to all of your boredom with its extensive collection of anime and cartoon shows and movies, that are available in high resolutions. Among the options to sort through the content, you can view the most recently added media, most viewed shows, and movies, most liked content, and much more.


Aniwatch’s database is continuously updated with the addition of newly released shows and movies. Furthermore, the website also has a section where the content is listed that will be uploaded to the website in the near future.

One other very intriguing feature of this platform is that the website has nearly no or merely a few advertisements. Furthermore, if you have any doubt about this alternative to Kisscartoon, you can refer to its FAQ section.

8. 9Anime

Another website that nowadays has a huge piece of the top cartoons and animated films is 9Anime. The best thing is that the cartoons and anime videos are available along with subtitles on the website. Further, you can watch anything on the website without signing up on it.

This website features a user-friendly layout and a section with all of your favorite anime that is well organized that makes it easy to locate what you were looking to watch. Additionally, the website has a substantial quantity of content, which is frequently updated.


Additionally, if you’re seeking exclusively anime series, it’s one of the greatest Kisscartoon alternatives. Japanese animation is now hugely popular all over the world and has a huge fan base. If Kisscartoon does not have your desired movie or show, or its link isn’t working, you should definitely go to this website. It will undoubtedly provide you with the link to your favorite anime series because it has one of the most amazing collections.

This website is quite popular since it allows users to search practically all anime series. This website’s recommendation of further series to watch based on your history and search results is one of its greatest features. Therefore, it is a go-to place for all anime enthusiasts. 

9. Chia-Anime

You might want to consider replacing KissCartoon with Chia-Anime, another highly famous website.

Due to its vast pool of high-quality videos and the never-ending supply of dubbed and subtitled video material, this website may unquestionably be your finest option for viewing all of your cartoon and anime videos.

Although it is an anime-focused website where you may watch your favorite anime, it can also become your source for free Manga. Yes! The website also has a collection of Manga for its lovers.


Aside from this, Chia Anime’s user interface is really straightforward and user-friendly. Therefore, browsing content on it will never present a difficulty for you.

In general, this website is simple to navigate and offers the opportunity to find your favorite shows, which simplifies your search. The ability to be accessible on practically all platforms is maybe most significant.

10. WatchSeries

WatchSeries is yet another well-known platform for streaming videos and has a huge selection of content in almost every genre of cartoons and anime.

In contrast to the other alternatives on this list, this website does not focus only on anime, animated series, or manga, as other movie entertainment sites do. The manga fans will still find a lot of interesting content in there, though. 

Because it provides so much more than your average website focused on animations, this is an intriguing pick on our list.


The website is trusted among users, and it has millions of monthly visitors. Furthermore, there are very few advertisements displayed on the website, therefore, very few interruptions in viewing. Although, this website requires registration in order to access it.

11. Disney Junior

This is the place to go if you enjoy watching Disney-produced animations and cartoons and are a fan of their work. When it comes to cartoon series, this website offers the best of both worlds for both adults and kids. This website ensures that you may locate the anime of your choice with a fair amount of simplicity thanks to an appealing and forthright user design.

The website is a fantastic Kisscartoon substitute that is specifically created for children since all of the Disney cartoon series that are aired on this platform are developed with children in mind. Nevertheless, I, being an adult, am still a big fan of Disney movies.

Disney Junior

One of the best websites for Disney animation entertainment, it has some of the most well-liked programs and animated films. The links are always accessible, and the content is appropriate for children.

12. Anilinkz

An excellent option for streaming all of your favorite anime and cartoons is Anilinkz, which is a mirror site of KissCartoon. Almost all of the shows that were streamed on KissCartoon are available on the website, maybe even more. All the content available here is of high quality, and it is most likely that you won’t face any issue viewing it because of the in-built media player and flawless streaming facility. You will be able to stream high-quality videos without any hindrance.

The website has a very interactive user interface, more or less similar to that of KissCartoon. Additionally, new movies and shows are regularly uploaded on this platform. So, if you haven’t had enough content on KissCartoon, this website will fulfill all your desires.

13. Kim Cartoon

One of the greatest KissCartoon alternatives available is Kimcartoon. Users can easily navigate through the website and find their desired cartoons there. 

This website is undoubtedly for you if cartoons are your one true love because it offers a wide variety of cartoons and anime from a number of genres.

You are most likely to be pleased by the website because of the smooth video quality, limitless shows and movies, and other extensive features that the website offers. Further, the website has an easy-to-navigate user interface, therefore, it is very easy-to-use the website. 


However, the website has a drawback. Here, advertisements appear in between the videos that may irritate you.

Nevertheless, the website makes up for it by providing the facility to download the videos. It is quite simple for you to download the cartoon videos of your choosing from this platform. The website features a fantastic collection of HD-quality videos of almost every movie and episode. All of this contributes to it being a top-notch website for visitors to view their preferred movies.

14. Toonova

Toonova is yet another excellent site to view cartoons, movies and series if the links on Kisscartoon are down, and you want to watch cartoons. The website ensures to provide the latest episodes of the most popular TV shows and web series. As soon as an episode is aired, it is made available here.

Therefore, you can anticipate seeing some of the most recent episodes on this platform. Further, there are several mirror inks available to stream a video, if the primary link isn’t available or not working.

15. AnimeLab

As the name suggests, anime is AinmeLab’s main emphasis. The website is undoubtedly for you if you are an anime fan. The website features a number of anime shows such as Astro Boy, Naruto, and so on, that are popular worldwide. 

Additionally, you may choose to view shows from a vast variety of available categories. It has a highly appealing and user-friendly interface that makes the experience with the website all the more pleasing. 

However, before you access all the stuff, all that is required of you is a quick sign-up, though, all the content available here is free. 

Further, the website has a large database, which seems to be continuously expanding with the upload of new media content on a regular basis. The site is accessible through any device. It also offers on-demand anime films.

16. Cartoon Crazy

Cartoons may be helpful if you’re searching for some relaxation, but finding a website that can provide you with it might be time-consuming. Nevertheless, on this website, you have a fantastic opportunity to watch free cartoons and anime. You may view the movies and cartoons of your choosing from a total of about 25000, though the number is continuously increasing with the addition of new content. 


Here you will find an impressive collection of classic cartoon shows and movies that you might have used to watch in your childhood. Therefore, if you want to reminisce about your childhood, for you, CartoonCrazy is ideal. This website’s user-friendly layout offers complete access to the most recent episodes of your favorite animated series.

17. Funimation

Funimation takes pleasure in eliminating the need for English subtitles in anime. The fact that all of the material on its site is available in English dub is one of its claims to fame.

Further, the fact that this platform only offers dubbed episodes suggests that the number of shows and movies is rather smaller than it would be on websites that also provide these types of media content. However, it’s not the case, the website offers an extensive collection of anime and cartoon movies and shows. 


Although the website is free, the excessive amount of advertisements displayed on it will make you think about paying the 5.00 USD monthly cost to get rid of them. The site navigation is simple and you won’t have any difficulty locating the show or movie you want to watch.

Funimation may not be accessible to users in all countries, as is the case with many similar websites in existence today. However, all you need to get around geographic limitations and access it from anywhere is a reliable VPN.

18. Cartoons On

Cartoons On the website was created for anyone who wishes to stream HD cartoons and anime without signing up or paying a membership fee. On this website, you may watch a ton of fantastic cartoons from different genres. It is also thought to be among the greatest alternatives for Kiss Cartoon.

Everyone enjoys cartoons, therefore if you fall into that class, you may want to check out this website. Without a question, this website features some of the most well-known stuff in the genre of cartoons as well as anime. The website features compelling content for almost all age groups, including series like Baby Looney Toons, Justice League, The Flintstones, and many more.

The quality of videos that you will find here is top-notch. Further, the in-built media player makes it possible for flawless binge-watching web series. 

19. Cartoon Network

Everyone is aware of this incredible website that has become quite well-liked, mostly as a result of how far it has advanced anime. You may choose from and watch an enormous selection of anime films on the website from any location at any time.

It may not only be one of the greatest Kisscartoon alternatives, but it also evokes a lot of fond memories. One of the most watched cartoon channels ever is this one. It includes some of the most well-known anime and animation programs, like Dragon Ball Z, Dexter, Tom and Jerry, and Powerpuff Girls, among many more.

Cartoon Network

However, the Cartoon Network’s official website now offers access to the same selection of cartoons and episodes, along with a wide range of other viewing content as well. It is kid-friendly and ideal for young children to watch cartoons on, and it contains some of the largest collections of cartoon series available on both the TV and the web.

Of course, since it is the official website of Cartoon Network, you need not worry about the quality of the videos, which, obviously, will be top-notch.

20. Crackle

Almost all devices, including Android, Roku, iOS, Playstation 4, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, support Crackle. It is one of the most popular alternatives for the KissCartoon website, which offers animated HD videos of cartoons and anime movies, shows, and web series.

Additionally, this website is renowned for offering high-quality content, including URLs for hassle-free streaming and downloading of animated videos. The user interface of this website is easy-to-navigate and lets you browse through its wide collection without any difficulty.

21. Watch Cartoon Online

WatchCartoononline is a fantastic resource for finding vintage animated films and cartoons. In addition, the new episodes of popular Japanese anime can also be found here.

The website focuses primarily on different anime subgenres and has a wide selection of animated programs that perfectly mix family-friendly and adult material.

Additionally, you will discover anime stuff here that is both dubbed and subtitled. As soon as new anime episodes with English subtitles are made available, the portal also finds a way to upload them as soon as possible

The website is incredibly user-friendly and specifically provides an atmosphere that is suitable for all. The user design is really simple, which makes surfing simple and entertaining.

As also mentioned before, here, you may find anything from the earliest cartoons to the most recent. It features a sizable number of stuff that you can watch whenever you want and without spending a dime.

22. Dubbed Anime

You may have difficulty in finding dubbed and subtitled anime videos, as they are mostly released originally in the Japanese language. Nevertheless, the majority of your favorite anime can be found on Dubbed Anime website, which will be both dubbed and subtitled, as the name of the website says. The website solely provides anime content. To ensure that you never miss an episode of your favorite show, new content is uploaded to the website on a regular basis.


The website is simple to use and offers the opportunity to choose your favorite program from a variety of categories, making your search easier. The user-friendly interface is really straightforward and enhances your browsing experience. 

23. GoGoAnime

This website is a decent substitute for Kisscartoon and is comparable to the website described before. A number of popular shows and movies, like Scooby-Doo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Transformers, and many more are available at the click of a finger. 

GoGoAnime is a well-known website where you can get thousands of anime and movies to stream for free, on any of your devices because it is platform-neutral.

This website offers a variety of categories to view your preferred cartoon. The user interface flows without any difficulty, making the search easier.


It is without a doubt one of the most secure alternatives to KissCartoon for streaming animated videos. To add to that, it offers high-quality videos of mostly all movies and shows of anime and cartoons.

Additionally, Go Go Anime’s material is often replenished with new seasons and episodes. Further, the dubbed version of the videos is also released here. Thus, if you want to access a variety of materials, including those that are subtitled and dubbed, GoGoAnime can be your go-to place.

24. Toon Get

It goes without saying that the golden age of animation occurred in the 1950s and 1960s, with programs like Mickey Mouse Adventures, Popeye the Sailor Man, and Looney Tunes. ToonJet is therefore so well-liked because it carries you to that bygone period by providing you with a huge collection of old classic cartoons.

To be more specific, the website gathers videos of vintage, classic cartoons from throughout the web and makes them freely available there. Speaking about its user interface, it may let you down because it may be a little bothersome, but don’t worry, you quickly become accustomed to its interface and browse through its content without any further issues.

You can get a ton of excellent material for free with ToonGet. You get unlimited access to your favorite shows online, which you can binge-watch without any hindrance. The website offers you access to nearly every anime and animated film you’ve ever heard of, including all that have been recently released. Additionally, there is a section for subtitled anime, as well.

The videos available here are of excellent quality. However, ads that appear when streaming videos are a major disadvantage of this platform.

Above all, ToonJet is more than simply a website; you may join its community forum by making an account.

25. Anime Dao

AnimeDao offers thousands of TV shows, web series, and movies in the genre of cartoons and anime. Every episode that is available on this platform can be viewed with subtitles, in high-definition, and is playable on any device.

Furthermore, the website offers a Random option, by accessing which it will suggest you shows and movies that might intrigue your interest. This way, you may not repeatedly have to question yourself ‘What to watch next?’


Unfortunately, AnimeDao shows a lot of advertisements, which is one of its drawbacks, as it can hamper your videoing experience. With 931,000 monthly visits, the site is still quite popular despite this. Additionally, you don’t need an account to use it. Further, it can also be inaccessible in some areas, but using a reliable VPN can get you past this difficulty as well.

26. Toonami Aftermath

Toonami Aftermath is a popular alternative to KissCartoon. All of the classic Cartoon Network series, such as the Powerpuff Girls, Dexter Laboratory,  Johnny Bravo, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed, Ed n Eddy, and many more, may be found on Toonami Aftermath.

In other words, there is a ton of animated stuff on this website. But if that isn’t convincing enough for you to think of it as one of the profound KissCartoon alternatives, then let us point out that this site is really well-designed to provide you with the best possible surfing experience, which also aids you in finding your desired show within seconds.

Additionally, Toonami Aftermath has a special function that suggests to users the animated series and cartoons with the greatest ratings, so they may locate the well-known shows and series depending on their ratings.

Further, the website is regularly updated with new content, you need not worry about new shows and movies to watch.

27. Cartoon Show

Cartoon Show is yet another website that provides you with a platform, where you can watch both classic and contemporary cartoons online for free, which is a perfect alternative to KissCartoon. Additionally, a sizable collection of Japanese anime is available on the website for free HD viewing.

This platform’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for consumers to browse through its extensive collection and various categories. By using the site’s built-in search engine or exploring its library, you may quickly locate what you’re searching for.

Additionally, here you can also sort the content by category, character names, and preferred genres because this site features practically all popular cartoon genres, from fantasy to action to humor.

28. Top Cartoons

This is one of the greatest and most fantastic KissCartoon substitute websites that allows you to view all the top anime and cartoons.

Though the website is accessible through any device, there is no mobile or TV app available for it. However, it is easy to navigate through the website and find your desired shows and movies without putting in much effort.

In addition, it’s important to note the superior quality of videos with high resolutions is available on this website. Overall, this platform might be the best option for viewing online cartoons or anime in a range of animation genres, such as crime, thriller, sci-fi, romance, comedy, and many more.

29. Watch Anime Dub

Another excellent alternative for KissCartoon is WatchAnimeDub. On one platform, it offers you a remarkable collection of anime and cartoons. You may also locate the English-dubbed and subtitled versions of your favorite series.

The available videos are of good quality. The website has a rather hipster appearance. The user interface is straightforward, making it simple to explore movies and shows.

30. WB Kids

As its name implies, WB Kids is a website geared for children and is often associated with Bugs Bunny, Scooby-Doo, and DC animated series. To be more exact, this platform only has episodes of popular animated shows which are only suitable for young children.

WB Kids

In light of this, it can be said that WB Kids is an excellent site to download kid-friendly content, read comic books based on your favorite shows, and catch up on the newest and oldest animation series. Additionally, the website has areas for downloads, games, and comics with a cartoon theme, as well.

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