Privacy Policy

Here at, we aim at maintaining and respecting our viewer’s privacy to the utmost level. This is why we are making a request from you to go through our privacy policy before you begin with anything on our website. 

The very thing that we’d like you to know is that we have all the rights to temporarily or permanently delete, update, or change, any information here without any prior notice. 

The other thing that you must know is our rights are reserved in the United States, so it could be possible that due to our privacy policy only, our site may not be accessible to a few regions, states, or even countries. 

And the third thing is our Terms of Use that are listed below: 

  • Do remember to check our Terms of Use on a recurring basis because as mentioned above, we have all the rights to change, update, or delete any information on our site without any prior notice. 
  • The moment you visit, it is assumed that you have already agreed with our privacy policies, terms and conditions, and terms of use as well. 
  • If you are continuing to sue, then we believe that you have agreed to our terms and conditions without any haze. 

Here’s a detailed look at our privacy policy practices:

  • There’s only one way that lets us collect information from you which is after your consent. It actually happens when you continue to use our site and agree to subscribe to it, which only enables us to collect your personal information and other details from you. That being said, when you subscribe to our newsletters, participate in our online contests, forums, and any other such activity, you are providing us with your personal details like email address, date of birth, name, nickname, contact address, IP address and any other information that might be relevant to us. 
  • All this data and information that we talked about is collected via cookies and web beacons. Cookies are basically small strings of text files that are created to store bits of your information that is collected when you visit the website. While web beacons are the files that connect web pages to a particular web server and their cookies as well. 
  • In regard to all that, we do not take the responsibility to keep the information that is being collected via the cookies and web beacons (though we take all sorts of administrative, physical, and technical measures to protect the information of our users). This is why we advise you to take some extra precautions while surfing the internet and using any website. 
  • Apart from that, we sometimes also provide links and images to third-party apps or sites, though we have no control over them, they are only made available to enhance the information and to add value to it. So if you make use of any third-party images, videos, or links, we advise you to be extra attentive to them and to go through their terms and conditions and privacy policies as well. 
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